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Image of GREASY DENIM 3” Custom Embroidered Circular PATCH
$2.99 — On sale

GREASY DENIM 3” Custom Embroidered Circular PATCH

[Due to a manufacturing mishap, we have two color variations. So, the Deep Brown are being offered at a reduced rate. Vintage Brown are currently a PRE-ORDER, but shall be arriving within a month.]

All orders shipped from IL and packed safely in padded envelopes with cardboard fillers for security. Shipping costs estimated, anything in excess of $2 beyond cost will be returned to customer.

3” circular, adhesive-backed ‘70s-style biker patch conceptualized by co-greaseball Dēacön Blü/JC (Founder/All-Arounder at Got Kinda Lost), executed by the esteemed Micah “Roy G. Biv” Warren and manufactured by our friends at Bengala! Co., commemorating the DJ crew and night, Greasy Denim.

Our mission:

“While we here at Greasy Denim believe in a diverse musical landscape, [we’re] dedicated to the smoking sounds of Altamont, the biker anthems of East LA and Westside Chicago, the proto-stomp of hardworking Michigan rebels, the triumphant soul that rose from the grime of Harlem and the Bronx, the forgotten sounds of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City, Atlanta, Muscle Shoals, Memphis—and all the small towns in between—during that glorious, terrible, hard-riding time known as the 1970s. We want to bring the music and images of this era to life. We want to play music made today that pays homage to its roots. We want to do it all night, all the time. We want to share it with EVERYBODY. This is a mission of freedom from the tyranny of strict genre-based entertainment. We play what we want, as long as its got that good grease.”

Image of GREASY DENIM 3” Custom Embroidered Circular PATCH